My Near Death Experience With My Ex-girlfriend

Due to the various news of the death of former PDP chairman’s son who was murdered by his wife, I just thought I should share my own experience with y’all.

I had a girlfriend that was everything a brother could wish for, Rich, working class, beautiful, curvy, and brilliant, it’s hard to get all these kind of qualities in a lady but there she had it all.

Her family are also well connected in the Army and Navy forces so she also had backup in case of any trouble, any party we attend, guys would always be admiring me but I alone knew her major flaw, she possessed a fiery temper. I’ll just be receiving compliments and smiling but in my heart I’ll be praying that somebody comes and snatch her from me cus we barely spend two days without quarreling and she’s also quick to raise her hand on me, since I’m stronger than her I’ll overpower her and tell her to respect herself.

I came from a home where I have never seen my parents arguing infront of us, they’ll go to their room and talk it over without raising their voice so I promised myself that I’ll never fight my woman no matter what but that was to change soon.

One evening I hosted her, her friend and boyfriend for a sleep over, they took the second room while I slept same room with my girl, around 5:30am I was awoken by a hot slap, I jumped up in surprise to meet my girlfriend fuming, she started screaming and calling me a cheat, I was surprised, asked her what happened and she claimed that she dreamt that I was having sex with another girl and when she woke up she wanted waking me to tell me of it when all of a sudden I muttered the name “Loveth” twice.

Chisos, I was mortified and tried explaining that Loveth was the name of my manager who is getting married later this year at my place of work and I had nothing going on with her, she kept accusing me, the next thing she slapped me, it was too early in the morning for me to get angry so I just grabbed my jacket and went to the parlour, her friend and boyfriend were already in the parlour wanting to find out what was the matter, I explained to them and went to kitchen to rest, not up to five minutes later she showed up and grabbed my boxer cus that was what I slept with.

When I didn’t react she grabbed my balls with her left hand and my manhood with her right, that she was gonna squash my balls if i don’t confess. I was in great pains and getting angry while warning her to let me go, managed to drag her to the parlour, her friend wanted to interfere but she threatened to deal with her if she comes near us.

I dragged her to the second bedroom and locked the door, I was trying to reason with her that my balls were aching but she wouldn’t hear, out of anger I slapped her twice and yanked her hands off, she came at me again, I grabbed her two hands, twisted them behind her and took of the jacket, tie her hands and pushed her towards the bed before walking out. seems like she fell on her hands cus she screamed that her hand was broken, I ignored the shouts and went to the parlour as her friend went to attend to her.

I heard her telling her friend that if she didn’t murder me that morning, she won’t rest, when I heard that I went to my room and slipped under my bed with my phone. Ten minutes later she walked into my room with a baseball bat, chai I was laughing silently as she was searching for me, she went room by room searching and threatening her friend’s boyfriend to reveal my whereabouts, what made her knew that I was still in that house was that both the front and back doors were still locked and the keys were indoors.

Then it stuck me, I remembered telling her that my favourite hiding spot was under my bed especially when I needed to work on something without interference cus she ran back to my room and slid under the bed, she saw me and tried hitting me but I was too far in. I thought she was kidding so I was laughing and jokingly warning her not to hit me.

Next thing she dragged the bed from the wall and tried attacking me again, then I knew shiiiit had hit the fan, I got up and tried defending myself, whenever she strikes I’ll use the mattress to block the hit, she dragged the mattress away leaving me trapped between the bed post and wall, then I looked her direct to the eye and warned her to respect herself but even before I completed my statement she had landed the bat on the center of my head.

It was like I was hit with a tsunami, I was just hearing siren sounds in my ears as my vision became blurry, I was staggering but couldn’t fall because I was still trapped beside the wall, my hand instinctively went to my head to check if my head was bursted open and that was my saving grace cus she hit me for the second time but since my hand was on that spot, she connected with my wrist instead, good Lord, I could barely see again as I screamed out, my nose was bleeding as she realised what she did and screamed too, her friends ran in and grabbed me, I told them they needed them to call my family doctor, that was all I remembered before I woke up that evening in the hospital with a throbbing headache and sprained wrist.

She later came to apologise but I wasn’t gonna throw away my second chance at living, and we broke up few months later after numerous obsessive stalkings and threats, later found out that fighting was like a sport between her parents.

So my people this is my story, I was lucky, very lucky, please if your girlfriend always goes apeshit at every disagreement, abeg flee for your life.

Thank you

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