Nigerian Men, you Are Confused

This is not to bash Nigerian Men at all. This is just an observation and I have every right to my opinion. I’m also not generalizing, talking about the majority.

Now I’ve observed something about most Nigerian men that I don’t seem to understand. It baffles me and it’s very distasteful. I’ve honestly come to the conclusion that you guys indirectly know what you want but cover it with deceit. I know every effing person has heard this phrase ‘ All Nigerian women bring to the table is pussy and nothing else, they’re useless’, but indirectly that’s exactly what they want.

You see, a lot of Nigerian men have inflated fragile egos. They run after things that stroke their manhood, which is fine. The problem is that most of them are in denial. When a woman has nothing to offer but her pussy, she’s dependent on you in every other aspect, especially financially. And as we all know most men find security and confidence in their pocket size. So when a woman depends on a man for her finances, it’s almost like she’s stroking his ego and confidence at the same time. He likes that superior/ dominant feeling. It’s what most Nigerian men crave for. That financial dominance is a safety ego ground that they can always run back to.

On the other hand, when a woman is financially independent got her life together and doing well for herself, what do Nigerian men do? Run the opposite direction. Why? Intimidation. Insecurity. Fear of feeling inferior. Calling her all sorts of names. A woman who is independent will not NEED to beg you for money or ask you for anything. So in that case, they’re not feeling as ‘ manly’ as they would like. It burns them internally. Jealousy, envy and lies will begin to fall into the picture. If you don’t agree with that you’re on a long thing.

So Nigerian men, stop being in denial. If you want a woman who only offers her pussy and frequent emotional availability here and there, just be honest with yourself. A financially independent woman is not for the emotionally weak minded. Indirectly, most of you want a woman who is financially dependent on you. You want that financial dominance, that superiority. My problem is that when she’s offering that pussy to you, don’t complain. Accept it like a ‘ man’ and take on the financial responsibility. If not, change your class of women. Financially independent women should not intimidate you or scare you away. Go for the women who will compete with you in finances. The ball is in your hands, take responsibility for your damn actions, and stop acting confused all the time.


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